Hello from the Mediterranean sea

Hey folks. Joanie Madden here. I’m getting in touch with you from the Mediterranean Sea!

I’m on board the Norwegian Epic preparing for next year’s Cruise. It’s selling like hot cakes! I hope you come and join us as we go from Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Florences, Cannes France, Palma Majorca, and back to Barcelona. What’s not to love!


We are in Napoli! This where they invented pizza – believe it or not. They told us we couldn’t leave Napoli without having a pizza… – Joanie


Hello from Rome! We’ve just stopped at the incredible Colosseum… over 2000 years old. Just spectacular! Have a look at this sucker… all I need is my Gladiator outfit and i’ll be ready! This city reeks of history and its just a beautiful town. – Joanie

The Vatican

We’re on our way into the Sistine Chapel. Unbelievable. I can’t imaging how long this man spent on his back painting this ceiling. Thousands of years old… History. Its fantastic. You’re gonna love it when you come. – Joanie

Amalfi Coast

We arrived into the Port of Naples today. We rented a car and came down the Amalfi Coast, and we are in the beautiful town of Positano, 25 miles from Naples … and let me tell you it’s glorious, majestic… stunning! Hope you can see what we’re seeing. – Joanie


Myself and Mirella have landed into Livorno and we have made a trek up to the beautiful hillside of Tuscany. We’re checking out the wonderful wineries and the olive trees and the beautiful countryside. It’s just spectacular. I’m gonna be back! It’s just heaven on Earth! – Joanie


There she is folks! The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. We’re just a couple of miles from where the boat pulls in, in Livorno. This is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It was finished in 1372… and here it is, 800 years later, and she’s still standing! – Joanie


Mirella ventured out on her own today and captured some fantastic video of beautiful Cannes, It’s all right there at the port when you arrive; beautiful shops, cafés, restaurants and places to stroll – Joanie

Palma, Mallorca

Palma is the final port of call on our seven day Mediterranean cruise and it is a majestic city so full of charm! It is nestled in such a beautiful setting with wonderful shopping that is easily accessible to the ship!

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