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Don Stiffe

Don is one of the most powerful and unique singer/songwriters to emerge on the Irish Folk Scene in the past decade. He hails from Galway City and the clarity and richness of his voice and the emotion with which he delivers his songs, has been compared with the best ballad singers that Ireland has ever produced. Don’s award winning debut solo album “Start of a Dream” was released in 2006 to critical acclaim and his version of Richard Thompsons classic song, “Dimming of the Day” won vocal cut of the year from the 2010 Live Ireland awards. The fantastic musicianship on this album speaks for the high esteem, which Don is regarded with noted musicians Frankie Gavin, Sharon Shannon, Arty McGlynn, Cathal Hayden and Carol Hession adding their incredible musicianship to Don’s majestic voice. His passionate singing guarantees a most impressive performance in front of a live audience as those who have seen him perform in Ireland, Europe and the USA can attest to. 2011 was a year to remember for Don, as he was one of the finalists in one of Ireland most watched TV programs, The All Ireland Talent Show. His continued popularity and support from viewers provided him with many weeks of performing to live audiences of up to 800,000 tuning in weekly. Irish American super group; Cherish The Ladies invited Don to join them on their summer tour of Ireland and Scotland and also further touring consisting of 18 States in America as part of their Christmas Tour. The band’s leader Joanie Madden introduces Stiffe as, “One of the greatest singers Ireland has ever produced”. In December 2011 Don released his second album “Lifes Journey” and one of Don’s own songs from that album, Somebody Special, was recently awarded Song of the Year from the Live Ireland Awards. Noted artists; Sean Keane, Cherish the Ladies, Kate Purcell and Matt Keane, have also showed their respect for Don’s prowess as a songwriter and have covered his self-penned songs.

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