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Hughie Boyle

Accordionist, pianist and singer Hughie Boyle is a very popular Irish traditional musician. Hailing from Cronashallog, Dungloe, Co Donegal, Hughie comes from one of the most musically acclaimed Irish families in Donegal music. He is the son of the renowned fiddler Neillidh Boyle, composer of the “Moving Cloud” reel. From a very young age Hughie was exposed and influenced by many great musicians and singers who came to ceili in his family home such as Seamus Ennis & John Doherty. Hughie started off his musical career playing in his father’s band the Neil Boyle Family as part of “The Magic of Ireland” show performing in the Metropole Theatre, Glasgow in 1960. He later formed the showband “Anna & the Statesmen” with his siblings Anna, Paddy & Charlie. In the 1960’s & 70’s they toured all over Scotland and Ireland sharing the bill with Dickie Rock & The Miami Showband, Joe Dolan & the Drifters and Brendan Bowyer & the Royal Showband. Today, Hughie is well known in North West Donegal for entertaining tourists at Glenveagh Castle and also at Leo’s Tavern. Throughout his career Hughie has graced the stage with Cherish the Ladies, Dochas, Julie Fowlis, Clannad, Moya Brennan, Maura O’Connell, Phil Cunningham, Sharon Sahnnan as well as Seamus McGee & Daniel O’Donnell to name but a few. Hughie has a great passion for music that reflects in his playing. He plays accordion with a vibrant energy, at high speed and yet has a great lift & bounce that will be sure to get the feet tapping. He is renowned for his soulful phrasing of slow airs and is also one of the most sought after traditional Irish accompanists around.

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