~ The Swallows Tail Ceili Band ~


The Swallows Tail Ceili Band

Swallow’s Tail Ceili Band is well known to set dancers across Ireland for their bouncy rhythm, tight playing and sweet sound. They’re also familiar to dancers in England, France, Switzerland ,Germany and America after many trips abroad in over twenty years of playing. The band consists of five regular members: Tom Doherty (box), Michael Hurley(flute), Maria Lynn( piano), John McHugh(fiddle) and Michael Sheridan(drums). Many other friends and relations make guest appearances with the band. Together they produce a unique Mayo-Sligo sound perfectly suited to all set dancers, always consistent and well paced, lively and joyful.

Swallow’s Tail have made a number of CD’s: Hell for Leather for Sound Records in Sligo in 1995, On the Wing and Suas Leat own label and there’s talk of producing another one soon.

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